Women’s Gatherings

Women’s Gatherings

For most of us, disconnection from our fellow sisters and the thread that interweaves us all as women is an unfortunate and unnecessary undertone of our lives. Across the globe, many cultures honour the power in the act of gathering as women to support each other on their journeys, in particular through the transition to motherhood.  A New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle, we as spiritual beings are receptive and full of potential.  This is truly an optimal time for personal and spiritual growth and community-building. The Wellness Garden’s Moon Gatherings are an opportunity for women in all stages of life (maiden, mother, crone) to connect, listen, create community and establish sisterhood.  These gatherings are sacred, and serve as an opportunity for wisdom to be passed down and shared from woman to woman, to support her throughout all the many stages of her life.    This gathering will offer grounding, inspiration and community, and simply serve to empower the intrinsic connection between women.

*See the schedule for the next upcoming gathering, no registration required, join us!