Mother Blessing Services

 Mother Blessing Services

“From the heart of Earth, by means of yellow pollen

Blessing is extended.

Blessing is extended.

On top of a pollen floor may I there in blessing give birth!

With long life-happiness surrounding me

May I in blessing give birth!

May I quickly give birth!

In blessing may I arise again, in blessing may I recover,

As one who is long life-happiness may I live on!”

Through Mother Blessings, the birthing Mother is celebrated and uplifted in to her fellowship of sisters, who stand to serve and ground her as she approaches the upcoming transition of birth.  This tradition is a way to honour the spirituality and soul beyond the physical process of labour and birth.  This is a woman-centered celebration, nurturing and honouring the woman in her maiden and soon to be motherly forums.  Traditionally a Navajo Blessing way ceremony, our Mother-Blessing ceremonies integrate offerings to the birthing woman such as:

  • Singing and chanting of traditional chants, Mantras or poems to herald and celebrate her transition in to Motherhood
  • Sharing and releasing of fears about birth from Mothers who have transitioned already, and community for those who are yet to
  • Adornment with a crown of flowers
  • Wishes of support and blessing from the Mother’s closest friends either in written form, and/or offered through a circle of gathering
  • Stone offerings to the Mother, who can hold them in her hands throughout labour and draw from the prayer-full intentions of the women who gifted them to her.
  • The creation of a “birth necklace” of gifted beads from those present, which the woman can wear or drape nearby herself in labour, to call upon for support and strength
  • Mother’s beautiful belly is adorned in decoration, with Henna, to draw attention and love towards the place where baby waits
  • Red yarn bracelets are tied on all hands present to represent the interconnectedness of all women, and then cut to be kept on all hands until after baby is born
  • Cornmeal (sacred grain) is massaged in to Mother’s feet
  • Candles are light to represent sacred light

Mother Blessing Ceremonies are integrated in to The Wellness Garden model of care, and included in the Birth Doula package.  This service is also available to women outside of our care, call or email for more information.