Red Tent Gathering

Check out our upcoming Red Tent Event on Labour Day, September 2nd 3:00-5:00 pm at Starlit Yoga:

September 2019 Red Tent Event

Red Tent Gathering

The idea of a “Red Tent” event is to gather women, in all stages of life, to share and witness for each other, their birth stories. These stories are powerful, sacred, and transformative, yet the platform through which women can voice them in our society is very limited.  Often times, these stories are bursting within women, waiting to be released, their empowerment  for the women who experienced them, right along with them.  The sharing of birth stories can also provide sacred space for women who need healing from the scars of a negative or traumatic birth experience.  Regardless of the nature, the space in which to recount these experience is vital, nourishing a deeper sense of community amongst women, and the connections we all share.

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Red Tent Gatherings will occur on an occasional basis, see the schedule for upcoming events.