Postnatal Yoga with Ray

January 24, 2017 -

100 Nanaimo Avenue East, Penticton, B.C.

The emotional and physical process of birth is deeply empowering, but also taxing on Momma. Postnatal yoga offers the woman an opportunity to restore and rebuild physically from birth.  Beginning slowly with gentle asana, focusing on the woman’s reconnection with her pelvic floor and lower abdominal tone, this class serves to help the new mother’s body as it transitions back to it’s pre-pregnancy muscular and skeletal alignment.  Honouring the great work and metamorphosis a woman’s body endures during pregnancy and birth is first and foremost, and the asana practiced during this class will serve only to benefit and expedite this resettlement, never to push a woman beyond her ability, or dishonour the energy and time required for this process to properly unfold.  In this light, it is recommended that women don’t generally join this practice until about 4-6 weeks after birth. This physical practice will support the many demands on Momma’s spinal alignment and integrity as she often carries her baby and breastfeeds. Postnatal yoga serves as an opportunity for Mom to step out of her role as an “exclusive mother” and reconnect with her being and creativity in all the many other elements of her existence.  Here, a community of Mothers is offered, supporting and nourishing one another as they gather on their mats.