Prenatal Yoga with Tash

January 27, 2017 -

100 Nanaimo Avenue East, Penticton, B.C.

The Wellness Garden’s Prenatal Yoga offerings are mindfully crafted to support Mom throughout the three trimesters of her pregnancy.  The specific physical needs of these very different stages of pregnancy are acknowledged, and women are guided to support and nourish their bodies and babies through their practice.  From first trimester challenges like fatigue, emotional fluxuation, tension, and nausea to late trimester complaints like constricted breathing, muscle fatigue, and Varicose veins, all areas of physical and emotional well-being are benefited through gentle Asana (physical yoga), meditation and mindfulness.  Prenatal yoga offers an opportunity for deeper connection between Momma and baby, and a sacred space in which to deeper explore this growing bond.  Through weekly prenatal yoga, The Wellness Garden also offers women a chance for connection and community-building with a gathering of women experiencing the same emotions and physical challenges inherent in this time of transition and expansion. Preparation for birth is a great benefit of prenatal yoga, through skeletal alignment, muscular (in particular abdominal and pelvic) toning, strength-building, and techniques for labour positioning and pain-coping techniques.